Historical - Tudor & Elizabethan

This is a wonderful period: From the early Tudors through to Elizabeth I. Like in the medieval section, we have a wide range of sizes, shapes and weights. We can also do a range of social stations - from the most basic peasant (complete with boils and warts if you want them) through to Lords, Ladies and Royalty.

Most ladies prefer the Tudor silhouette of a square neckline, boned bodice and full skirt, which tend to make the waist look smaller, as opposed to the Elizabethan outline with cartwheel crinolines and bum rolls (which are not very flattering). For men we have a range of costumes from long gowns (like Lord Melchett in Black Adder II) to doublets, breeches, cloaks, hats….and tights!

As well as those going to parties, weddings or banquets, we also cater for living history events like those held at Kentwell Hall, Ingatestone Hall or Cressing Temple. We have children and adult costumes, and can make bespoke outfits (at least four weeks notice required).

Famous events include Henry VIII’s abolition of the monasteries; the beheading of Anne Bolynn (and Jane Seymour);

The Tudor Royalty ate a great deal. In one month (November 1531) Henry and his friends ate: 24 cows, 100 sheep, 51 deer, 91 pigs, 700 cocks and hens, 444 pigeons, 168 swans and over 4000 larks? You don’t have to go to these lengths to host a Tudor banquet!

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