Historical - Georgian

We have some early Georgian costumes (circa 1750) but most are later, from 1750 through to the Regency period, which, (from a costume perspective,) goes through to 1837 when Victoria came to the throne. (William IV made little impact on fashion).

We are trying to add photos all the time, but we still have far more costumes than are shown here.

The Georgian style was coats for men, with long waistcoats, breeches and lace at the throat and wrist. Wigs were very fashionable for both men and ladies. Ladies costumes were extravagant with lace, ribbons and bows. Skirts were worn over pads or frames to make the dresses look very wide.

Apart from nobility, we also have working class costumes, and characters such as Dick Turpin; Marie Antoinette; Zorro; Sweeny Todd; Beau Brummell; Napoleon; Josephine; Nelson; Lady Hamilton. Mr. Darcy and the Bennett sisters.

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